Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Christmas tree decorations

I was in hobbycraft today and spotted some little buckets that were really cute and I wanted some so bought some and added some ribbon and some father christmas's and some snowmen I will put these on my tree this year with the chocolates in them.

In the pound shop I found a six pack of Jotters but wanted to make them a bit different here is one of them I will add pics of the others later.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


I have made some more cards some for christmas and a couple of birthday cards as it is my god daughters birthday soon so I needed to make one for her and I received some lovely card toppers from a friend that were perfect for the birthday cards. The Christmas cards I made have been mainly from leftover bits I had in a box so I thought I would try and use them up, I also used chalks for the first time which were really easy to use and it was good to try something new.

Memory Wire Bracelets.

I have been making some memory wire wire bracelets for my girls for christmas, I have enjoyed making some and ended up making some for my friends daughters aswell.

I might make some more of these for christmas presents as they are quite easy to make.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

For my little Boy

I have made this card for my little boy for christmas he loves trains and as he is now 3 he is starting to realise what christmas is all about.

I am hoping to get some more cards done later this week.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Card for MSE Challenge

I have made this card tonight for the MSE Challenge,The theme for the Challenge is Make-up and Cows, after having a look around Hobbycraft today I found these Lovely cow card toppers and fell in love with them, the brads and card are out of my own stash,I enjoyed making this card.
 I would also like to thank everyone for their Lovely comments I really do appreciate it,it gave me the motivation to carry on.

MSE Challenge Card.

Whilst I was at Hobbycraft today I also found some Lovely Glitter Card Toppers and Some Glitter Card Stock, Here are a couple more creations

And I still have more to make tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Card Making

I decided to have a try at Card Making and really wasn't sure were to start so bought a couple of magazines and browsed the net a bit having a look at cards others have made and thinking I will never be able to do that, so thought I would start the easy way one of the magazines had some lovely papers in and I had some card blanks and spent some time playing around with them and made 2 cards, I am really pleased with them but please remeber I am a complete Novice!!!

Not so pleased with the secound one but hopefully they will only get better.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Pamper Cakes

After Making my first Pamper Cake I have been asked to make some more and have also donated one as a Prize in the Raffle at my son's Play school I think they more than deserve one as my son has started going to play school 3 days a week which means I have plenty of time to try out new craft ideas, They have had to work hard as he has additional needs so requires a one to one worker with him and  it needed to be someone who could use makaton so to me it was the least I could do. I made a couple of extra's for them to which they are going to try and sell and nearer christmas will be giving them some of my reindeers to.

This is the three I have made them,the green one has Simple products in and of course a box of continental chocolate in it, the Pink is Johnsons Products and Chocolates and the Purple is a mix of Dove and simple products and of course a box of chocolates.
You also have a Bath towel,a hand towel and a body puff in each Pamper cake.

Once they are finished they are wrapped in cellophane and finished of with a bow they do make a lovely Birthday Present or Christmas Present.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ideas for Christmas

I wanted to make some things for friends and family for christmas this year and am also donating one of my pamper cakes for a Raffle prize to my son's playschool they wanted to see some other bits I can make so tonight I have been making some Reindeer Flannels I found this idea thanks to some great crafting friends on MSE they all have some wonderful ideas and are very talented.

These will be great as little extra presents for my kids to.

I am hoping to start making some cards for christmas and quite like the idea of stamping cards so am hoping to learn how to do it.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Christmas 2010

Today I have started making things ready for christmas 2010, well you can never be to early can you.
This year I am going to be doing lots of crafty bits at home with the children ready for christmas so the presents will be more personnal because we will have put lots of time and effort in them.

I have made my first Towel pamper cake today and am pleased with the way it turned out, not bad at all for a first attempt.

Pamper Cake
Towel Pamper Cake all wrapped up.

This was quite easy to make, Next week I will be making a Nappy cake for my friends little boy I am looking forward to making it as have never done one before.

Well as promised I siad I would be making a Nappy Cake and have done one for my friends little boy for christmas I am really please at how this turned out and at how easy it was to make.

I have ordered some personalised Ribbon to go on this which I think will finish it of really well. Just hope that it is ok being posted keep your fingers crossed for me.