Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Christmas tree decorations

I was in hobbycraft today and spotted some little buckets that were really cute and I wanted some so bought some and added some ribbon and some father christmas's and some snowmen I will put these on my tree this year with the chocolates in them.

In the pound shop I found a six pack of Jotters but wanted to make them a bit different here is one of them I will add pics of the others later.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


I have made some more cards some for christmas and a couple of birthday cards as it is my god daughters birthday soon so I needed to make one for her and I received some lovely card toppers from a friend that were perfect for the birthday cards. The Christmas cards I made have been mainly from leftover bits I had in a box so I thought I would try and use them up, I also used chalks for the first time which were really easy to use and it was good to try something new.

Memory Wire Bracelets.

I have been making some memory wire wire bracelets for my girls for christmas, I have enjoyed making some and ended up making some for my friends daughters aswell.

I might make some more of these for christmas presents as they are quite easy to make.